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Eliot’s work follows the school of Pointillism. His pieces are created using small distinct dots of colour.

Instead of paint his chosen medium is soft fibrous yarn.

He literally stitches portraits, an intricate compilation of tiny patterns of stitches and knots. The textures he creates are full of light and shade.

Up close his works are a myriad of apparently random textures seemingly woven together, but when viewed from a distance the pieces pull into astoundingly photographic accuracy. He achieves a life-like realism awash with beautifully observed detail.

Eliot focuses on just a small section of his subjects, isolating  just enough of their face to give an accurate portrait. His economy of scale adds intrigue to the piece, a precious fabric swatch suspended in a state of the art Perspex void.

He is an artist who is also an extraordinarily gifted craftsman.